About Us

A.L. Dushi LLC was established in 1999, and currently we provide two branches of services, including professional laundry and dry cleaning services. Since 1999, and now for almost 20 years of our establishment, we grew-up from 7 employees to 50 employees, 8 laundry and dry cleaning facilities, and a large number of contracts with local and international organizations. The experience during this period has allowed A.L. Dushi LLC to develop systems and procedures to meet even the most demanding requirements from the clients, while ensuring that the service is delivered within time, cost and quality parameters. A.L. Dushi LLC is currently the market leader in laundry and dry cleaning services in Kosovo. Our experience with managing large numbers of personnel in challenging working environments has made a robust service provider committed to high quality professional service provision. With more than 2,000 regular individual customers and over 30 service contracts with companies, institutions and international organizations operating in Kosovo, A.L. Dushi LLC continues to grow and expand. In order to provide services to its clients, A.L. Dushi LLC has a network of 8 laundry and dry cleaning facilities in different locations within Prishtina. A.L. Dushi is an On-Demand Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service Company, presently operating in Prishtina. We provide an affordable and convenient way of getting your laundry done right at your finger-tips. We offer the best online laundry service scheduling and help you get rid of that extra pile of dirty clothes and deliver you fresh clothes.


We undertake to put into effect your requirements of washing clothes in a clean and conditions of friendly way. We would take into account your clothes as ours, and take away stains and give you clothes that can be worn right away and make you look good. The most important is to give you stretch free weekends, where you can enjoy and relax while we get your clothes done for you in conditioned time. Our offerings envision to be known as a signature Laundry Service brand with an “easy to do” enterprise approach and a win business method with preferred partners, suppliers and clients. We entail to become the most trusted laundry and other offerings brand in prospect for our valued clients. We provide timely and excessive cease nice laundry services to all. Our right business relationship together with long-term agreements and contracts with some industries is the key to why we are treated as a preferred enterprise associate. We offer personalized, best carrier with the reliability and flexibility you want, all at an affordable price. Just tell us your laundry and piece of clothing care preferences and our door-to-door service will deliver it as requested. Getting the laundry done has never been so easy!


We passionately hope our customers will be pleased with our services but just in case you are not, firstly we regret, secondly we abide to accept returns and refunds in accordance with the Returns and Refunds policies described in the following sections.   RECEIVING DAMAGED/DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: 1. If you receive a damaged/defective Product or a Product that does not comply with the specifications as per your original order, you have to inform our customer service along with a supporting photograph of the same within 24 hrs of delivery of such a Product(s). 2. Upon receiving your complaint, we shall verify the authenticity and the nature of the complaint.  3. Returns Policy - In order to return any Products, please comply with the following: 
(a) Please notify us the receipt of a damaged/ defective Product or product that does not comply with the specifications as per your original order within 24-hours of delivery of such a Product. If you are unable to do so within 24-hours, we shall not be held liable for the failure to replace the order. 
(b) Products should be unused. 
(c) Photograph supporting the damage should be sent across to customer support to validate the same. 
(d) If our verification indicates that your complaint is valid, we will arrange for the pick-up of the damaged/defective Product. If we are unable to do so, we will notify you of the same and you will be required to dispatch the Product within one (1) day of receipt of such notice. (e) If a Product returned is duly accepted by us, in our sole discretion, we will try to repair the product and get it back to you, with no charge.
(f) In case that we do not agree for an repair option provided in above point (e), in such case we shall apply the refunding which will be processed based on the mode of payment by refunding you directly. CANCELLATION: 4. You may cancel the order up until the actual date of dispatch without giving a reason. 5. Procedure to be followed to cancel an order - Customer may cancel an order at any time prior to the date of delivery.  To cancel an order the customer must call customer service to request for a cancellation.  The customer may be asked to email the cancellation request as well.  Our Customer Service team will process the order cancellation and confirm the same within 3 business days.    WARRANTIES AND CLAIMS: 6. Our products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or damages for a period of their pick-up/submission to a client. We do not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident, rough use or use which is inappropriate for a product by the Client.